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Reparatii pompe hidraulice Bosch-Rexroth

Reparatii pompe Bosch-Rexroth Pe lângă reparaţiile pentru echipamente electrice și acţionări, Bosch Rexroth vine în sprijinul dumneavoastră și cu reparaţii pentru echipamente hidraulice. Pentru cele mai răspândite tipuri de pompe din gama noastră avem dezvoltate programe de reparaţii rapide. Toate piesele folosite la reparaţii pentru ansambluri de sisteme de acţionare și sisteme hidraulice de control…
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  ■ NSF H1-registered. Reg. No. 154933 ■ Optimal corrosion protection through high effectiveness of the corrosion protection additive ■ Good penetration and lubrication properties ■ After drying of the solvent, forms a transparent, oily protective film ■ Contains non-ferrous metal deactivator for corrosion protection of non-ferrous metals Due to these features OKS 3601 is…
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OKS 521 MoS2 Bonded Coating, air-hardening

The MoS2 bonded coating OKS 521 is well qualified for lifetime lubrication of metal to metal connections subjected to high demands OKS 521 MoS2 Bonded Coating, air-hardening for machine elements subject to high demands Properties: Allows a low coefficient of sliding friction also under heavy loading Very thin layer thicknesses possible ……Increased wear protection ……Rapid curing at room…
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