OKS 521 MoS2 Bonded Coating, air-hardening

The MoS2 bonded coating OKS 521 is well qualified for lifetime lubrication of metal to metal connections subjected to high demands

OKS 521 MoS2 Bonded Coating, air-hardening
for machine elements subject to high demands


  • Allows a low coefficient of sliding friction also under heavy loading
  • Very thin layer thicknesses possible
  • ……Increased wear protection
  • ……Rapid curing at room temperature
  • ……Shortens and improves run-in conditions of friction bearings, toothing and other sliding pairs


  • …Lifetime lubrication of metal-to-metal connections, sliding pairs at low to medium rotational speeds and high loads or oscillating movements
  • Run-in lubrication in combination with oil or grease lubrication
  • Dry lubrication in dusty environment at high or low operating temperatures